Property management

We take over your burdens related to property management!

Offering an organized, professional approach to property management. Experienced with international clients and solving language barriers. Saving your time and keeping the rental process simple!

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What we offer:

Moving in and out process

We are documenting the handover (in Hungarian and English), take inventory, and record meter positions. Documentation helps to resolve the disputes that may arise, and at the end of the lease period, the consumption of utilities accounts.

Contact with tenants/Interpreting

Communication with the tenant is fully taken over. We have several years of professional experience in dealing with disputes. Tenants can contact us at any time by email, phone or personally. In urgent cases, we are immediately available.

Rental fee management

Receiving monthly rent fee which agreed in the lease agreement and transfer to the owner. In case of delayed payment  of the tenant, written and oral call for compliance.


Our company issues an invoice in the name of the owner in accordance with applicable laws. One original and a digital copy of the invoice will be sent to the tenant monthly.

Apartment checking

Check the property at intervals set by the owner. In empty apartments, we will empty the mailbox and check the condition of the apartment. In the case of occupied property, we set up a meeting with the tenant for review the condition of the apartment.


Our company carries out the maintenance needs with reliable professionals. After evaluating the work, we ask for a quote (continuous contact with the owner) - Conducting, checking the work done.

Cleaning service

It is very important that at the end of the rental period, the apartment is quickly returned to the market. The tenant can also request regular cleaning of the apartment, for which we ask for a quote! Any questions you may have, please contact us with confidence!