About us

Why choose us?


In Our HousingBudapest office which is located in Manta Offices ( Tűzoltó street 50, in the passage) one minute from EOK entrance, we are constantly looking for rental apartments for mostly foreign students.
We wish to accommodate more than 300 newcomers every year and serve our future students needs. We have contractual relations with university faculties, thats why it is important for us to provide the right quality service. The main aim of our office is to accommodate foreign students in quality apartments.


70% of our clients are overseas students who want to rent a good-quality apartment for long term.
As students arriving at the Medical Faculty are looking for their futures home in the HousingBudapest office, it is advisable to advertise your property through our office.


We provide full service to our clients: after successful acquisition of the Premises, we advertise the apartment on our own website and other real estate portals, partner offices, and in every case we are personally presented at the meetings.
We help with the lease agreement (our contract is bilingual English-Hungarian) and we are happy to help solve further problems. We also have the interest to expanding your apartment as quickly as possible so that our expenses are recovered. For a successful broadcast, a monthly rental fee is our success fee! Contact us as soon as possible!

Személyes lakás felmérésen segítünk a megfelelő bérleti díjat meghatározni, elkészítjük a hirdetéshez a képeket, rögzítjük a lakás adatait.
Ha még a felújítási vagy bútorozási fázisban van ingyenes tanácsadásadásra van lehetőség, ahol segítünk kialakítani egy olyan életteret, amit bérlőink preferálnak!

What do you get from us?

In a personal flat survey we help you determine the right rent fee, make the pictures for the ad, record your apartment information. If you are in the refurbishment or furnishing phase we can offer free counseling where we can help you create a living space that our tenants prefer!

During the advertisement of the property, we will personally present the property to each individual interests. As soon as we find the right tenant candidate, it is possible to use our official bilingual lease agreement. In the process, of course, we are present at the time of the moving, at the time of making the inventory list, recording the meters. In addition, you can contact us throughout the rental period if you need conflict management or communication assistance.